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i've just came back from leaving for not even an hour and they've already turned down my bed, left me a chocolate, emptied my trash bins and replaced the towels i hadn't used yet. i wished i could move in.

i'd update more but i'm undeslept and spent much of the day on a motorcoach back to london from minehead. bloc was definitely worth the trip over and i look forward to the rest of my stay this week. i'm feeling a bit of sore throat and i'm hoping it goes away soon and isn't telling of more to come. too bad i just remembered i have homework still!
killing time before tonight's program. documentary on detroit music scene on the tv. wifi here is flaky at best and there's no chance for me to load any complex media or web pages. def not worth £20 for 3 days.

wandered a bit today on the beach and took photos but the biting cold led me back inside. i thought i might work on photos on my downtime but so far i'm still negotiating the sleep and time differences and eating.

last night's treats: live dub step set by pole, an very impressive turnout for dj qbert, a disappointing "live via ISDN" set by future sound of london (audio drops and terrible vibe in the venue), missed tipper and daniel bell's sets due to tiredness.

on my dance card tonight: aphex twin + hecker, modeselektor + phadfinderei, egyptian lover, green velvet, clark, richard devine, jamie lidell, otto von schirach, more.

loc: minehead, england

using e-file: "check the box if ... you are not deceased."

accounting is so impersonal.

I mean…people like to bitch. Having access to the internet doesn’t make their viewpoints valid, interesting, or educated.

- "Steve"

thank you for that.  how true it is.

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full of frozen yogurt and fruit, catching up on 24 before watching yesterday's episode, boy's making us tea, and on the first day of our new president's tenure. today is very good.
mother, to toddler: "that's mama's coffee. when you get on the plane you can have some too."

my flight. have earplugs. flight delays due to sf weather.

- liz

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i've been sick since i've returned to the US yesterday -- 101 fever and flu-like stuff. if i feel better by tonight or tomorrow i'd like to meet up with some seattle peeps before i head back to sf on friday morning.

what's up?
* lemme suck yer dick for ten dollas
* damn I burned my lip again
* and so forth

it was probably a fixie. this was in the mission.
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i was able to innocuously sneak a gescom reference into our product messaging.

"where do i download a video card????"
you know that tomorrow's ship will be good if your COO has time to play WOW.

status: good good

hell is a southbound caltrain full of giants fans.

- liz via ipwn
oh nuts
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